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How to Volunteer

How to Volunteer at Otis

How to Volunteer at Otis

Volunteers from our Otis families and the community are encouraged at Otis Elementary. Read below for some Otis volunteer opportunities and FAQ’s. If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Rhonda McEuen

Otis PTA's Volunteer Coordinator

& VP of Programs


Getting Started

The easiest way to get started volunteering is to e-mail Rhonda directly; see above.


Requirements to Volunteer

All adults wishing to volunteer must complete an annual Volunteer Form, every year.


Level 1: Classroom and other on-campus school volunteers in the presence of teacher/principal

This is the most basic level and includes the completion of the annual Volunteer Form, as well as an on-file photocopy of a current ID. You must resubmit these items each year. This level of clearance will allow you to act as a volunteer in the classrooms and support campus activities. This level of clearance takes 48 hours.


Level 2: Supervising Children without staff present

Level 2 requires, in addition to the annual Volunteer Form and on-file ID, Live Scan fingerprint clearance. Level 2 volunteers may chaperone field trips throughout the year. (It is to the teacher’s discretion which parents are selected/needed for any field trip.) Live Scan fingerprinting may be completed for a fee* at any of several local Live Scan locations and involves a criminal background check through the FBI and Department of Justice. This level of clearance can take up to six weeks. (*Note: Please contact the PTA if the Live Scan fee is prohibitive for you.) Live Scan clearance is required only once and is valid for the entire time you volunteer at Otis.


Level 3: Field Trip Drivers

Level 3 requires, in addition to all Level 2 requirements, a completed Transportation Form for the current school year (available in the office). Drivers must also print out or photocopy current, unexpired Proof of Insurance, as well as listed coverage for Bodily Injury Liability, Property Damage Liability, Medical Payments, and Uninsured Motorist coverage. This level of clearance can take up to an additional 10 days. 


TB Test 

If, in the judgment of the school principal, a person who volunteers on a regular basis for the entire school year will have frequent and prolonged contact with students, the person must provide the school site with a doctor’s certification that he/she was examined within the past 60 days and that he/she has tested negative for tuberculosis. A negative TB certification is valid for four years.


Please keep copies of everything you submit. These important requirements are in place to protect all of our children, as well as to protect you, the volunteer. Thank you for complying and for giving your time and talents to Otis!


Helping in the Classroom

Different teachers have different needs for volunteers in the classroom–with science and/or media center, or help with homework collecting/preparation and/or field trips, just to name a few. Please be sure to complete the requirements noted above and communicate with your child’s teacher if you are interested in helping in the classroom.


Helping with School-wide Events and Programs

Once you complete the Otis Volunteer Pledge Survey, your contact information will be given to the Program Leads for the programs you indicate interest in. Program Leads will contact you as they gear up for the events and programs. You can also contact Program Leads directly with specific questions about their programs. To figure out whom to contact, and to see an overview of the many programs at Otis that require volunteers, check out the list of current Program Leads. You can also get more familiar with the many wonderful programs and events that require volunteers by checking out Otis 101.


Getting Involved with the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and Helping with Parent-led Programs

Check out Otis 101 to learn more about the many programs the PTA supports. All families are encouraged to join and get involved in the PTA. It's a great way to be a part of everything happening at our school!   

Every Time You Volunteer

When You Visit Otis as a Volunteer

Volunteers must always sign in, in the office, and wear volunteer identification. Thank you.